Mi, 11.01.2017, 21.00 Uhr, Projektraum: RO (DK) / F1K (USA)

RO (DK): abstract/noise

"Continued efforts by Denmark-based Chris Shields. Last we heard from Ro, the pacing had slowed to a near stop, the manic electronics had been replaced by strings and unidentifiable recordings of... voice? Drips soul, passionate live performance - computer and homemade modular synthesis, crisp and high fidelity, saw someone cry. Came highly recommended, leaves highly recommended" L. Dusk

F1k (USA): 100% high energy homemade modular techno

"High energy 100% live! I've seen actual sweat drip from the ceiling watching New York City based F1k rip and thrill audience, the touch of an absolute natural on rig of homemade and unidentifiable devices. This is not hitting play on a drum machine and nodding along. Must see to believe" D. Bismuth

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Di, 17.01.2017, 21.00 Uhr, Projektraum: TOMAGA (UK) / PAPIRO (BS)

TOMAGA (UK): Grotesque Psych-Dub, Drum & Synth Matrix Duo

Tomaga are a loose-limbed two-piece who bring monumental noise and psychic psychedelia wherever they venture. Eschewing musical convention in favour of freeform flair, drummer Valentina Magaletti and bassist Tom Relleen are master shape-shifters, gently goading your ears from womby warmth to aural onslaught in the blink of an eye. Over a steady stream of releases and live dates, they’ve amassed a fleet of homemade instruments, which help them push the boundaries of rhythm and bass, using contact mics to plug their weird shapes into the mainframe. Their experimentation loosely incorporates jazz, electronic, industrial and psychedelia, and sees them share musical meaning with likeminded voyagers Wire, Pierre Bastien and Faust. New album is out in September on Hands in Dark.

PAPIRO (BS): Blue MOOG Psych Sweeps, Trippy Repetitions

Papiro is a graphic designer, violin player, record collector and electronic music maker with a particular affinity for machines from the pre-programmable (“my pets”). Early concerts under his own name sometimes consisted of a single chord, held for 30 minutes at high volume; or running 17 auto-accompaniment organs at once – with help from the audience – in an all night long performance. In the studio, meanwhile, he enjoyed endless modular patching and the virtues of overdubbing, which resulted in a couple of albums of which some reflect his italian-classical origins, while other move into the sonic territories of New Age and Ambient, but at the same clearly differentiate themselves from these genres by their restless and disturbing mood.

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Sa, 21.01.2017, 20.30 Uhr Projektraum: KLANGBANG#3

Monthly series of free improvisation and contemporary music concerts in Flatterschafft.

Bobby De Nazareth: La Passion du Kyste

The Passion of the Cyst is a concert-show telling the story of the tragical death of Jesus in a “Belgian surrealism” version, using a puppet theater, some rock, free jazz, and a christmas tree.

Plus open jam session!


Do, 26.01.2017, 21.00 Uhr, Projektraum: LA TÈNE (FR/CH) / P.Noir (BS)

LA TÈNE (FR/CH): Drone & Beats, Exotic Instruments

La Tène collect, listen and probe folk melodies and motifs of large territories, from the Jura to the mountains of Auvergne, weaving them to repetition and continuous sounds, electronics and frenzy until exhaustion. eir music, drones played with traditional and acoustic instruments is an invitation to the dance frantically, leading to euphoria or trance. Cyril Bondi (CH): percussion, d’incise (CH): harmonium, electronics, Alexis Degrenier (FR): hurdygurdy

P.Noir (BS): Reduced Drum & Drone Electroaccoustic Feedback Dub Duo

P. Noir is the new project by ex-band members of the doomband SNARF. On the EP f 109 Basel-based duo celebrates the final fusion of dub and electroacoustic. Besides various feedback-loops the musical elements are reduced to the max—what‘s left is a 30-minutes-trip into drums, drones and dread.

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