Intense Improv No-waveish Trio, Drone / Ritual-Rhythm Blast, Ex-Dirty Beaches Lo-Fi Hero

Starting with an invitation from the legendary Blue Note to create new music based around a jazz figure for the Blogoteque website, this trio – comprised of Alex Zhang Hungtai, David Maranha and Gabriel Ferrandini chose John Coltrane as their guiding light for a couple of performances well remembered by those fortunate enough to catch them.

“Âncora”, released last year through Grain of Sound, has all the sense of urgency of Coltrane's most far out recordings while tapping into a new subconscious level of communication full of lyricism. Since then, the trio has been developing his own language into something completely their own, taking those free jazz cues into a new path that manages to avoid any trappings of genre, channelling the Arkestra spirits through No Wave's sense of physicality, in a maelstrom that's fiercely and intensely rhythmic in its approach, a ritual-like vortex of communal and elevated percussion, freeform drones and solemn war cries. Primordial hymns for the future from this intercontinental working unit.

Alex Zhang Hungtai (Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals), David Maranha (Organs, Percussion), Gabriel Ferrandini (Drums, Percussion)


Reduced Improvisation, Electroacoustic Sound Explorations

After her piano studies in Belgium and Portugal, Pak Yan’s musical interests made a shift towards free improvisation and sound/noise related music. Her love for curious sounding objects, her obsession for toys and her fetish for toy-piano’s made it into a toy band called “The Crappy Mini Band”. Other explorations found an output in “Kuruwasan” (impro/jazz quartet).

Nowadays she is primarily working on her solo project (for prepared piano/synths/toy-piano’s), her groove/trance project “Going” and her minimal trio ‘”auroshilau”.

Her music spans different horizons, with improvisation and sound as main focus. Taking the extraordinary out of the ordinary and creating little sound-mosaics in a minimal, poetic way, while exploring the vast spectrum of sonar

Pak Yan Lau (Prepared Piano, Electronics, Toy-Piano)


Gnawa Trance Percussion / Space Drum Solo

“Nowruz” refers to the Iranian New Year that happens every year on March 21st. It is a Persian compound word that we can literally translate “new day”. For João Lobo, “Nowruz” could mean new start. It is his very first solo record after more than 40 albums as sideman or co-leader. The idea of doing a solo record has been growing up in his mind for over 10 years, before he started to play solo shows. João Lobo’s solo project explores many of the countless sound possibilities of a drum set. The departure point is simple ideas developed in improvisations in the form of songs, using only unamplified acoustic elements without any edits or overdubs. The name of the songs are very personal and some of them pay homages to people he admires. For example “Babkou” is the Gnawa name that Maalem Hassan Zoghari gave him. “Tom” and “Zé” are an obvious tribute to Tom Zé that influenced him for the song format and “Oren” refers to Oren Ambarchi for his genius in the sound processing.

João Lobo (Percussion solo)


Sa, 11.03.2017, 21.00 Uhr, Projektraum: REALISTIC MONK (USA/JP) / PAKS (SRB/H/I/D/SO/CH)


Fragile Sound Explorations, textured deep listening experience

Realistic Monk is a new performance project by American composer Carl Stone and sound artist and composer Miki Yui. The name of the project is an imaginary word – an anagram, formed from the names of the members. The duo Carl Stone and Miki Yui focuses on sounds that are so fragile that they move at the edge of perception and encourage the listeners to listen very carefully. From voices, noises, field recordings and feedback effects, Stone and Yui create deep soundscapes that are well worth discovering.

Carl Stone (USA) (Laptop, Electronics), Miki Yui (JP) (Electronics)

PAKS “Nincsen Semmi-Koncertek”

Skunk rock, psycho csárdás, shit music

Wanja Aloe (Giutar, Key), Lukas Dreier (Drums),
Michael Kunkel (Bass, Vocals), Holger Stenschke (Sound)


Sa, 18.03.2017, 20.00 Uhr, Warteraum: WIR SIND WIEDER DA!


Musik, Kühlschrank, Stimmung!

Weitere Infos folgen in Kürze auf facebook.


Mo, 20.03.2017, 21.00 Uhr, Projektraum: PETER ZINOVIEFF & LUCY RAILTON (GB) perform RFG / GAMUT KOLLEKTIV (CH)


Founder of EMS / and ground breaking VCS3 meets outstanding most forward thinking cello instrumentalist. Multichannel sound diffusion with live cello and computer

Pioneer of synthesiser technology, Peter Zinovieff and cellist Lucy Railton are pleased to announce the completion of RFG for cello and computer, marking the first work created by this new collaboration. A year in the making, RFG is a 40-minute piece for cello and computer combining a live instrumental part and an assemblage of pre-recorded, manipulated material forming an “orchestral” counterpart. Designed for performance with 7 spatially configured loudspeakers, RFG articulates a bold and luminous meshing of voices, a visceral encounter between a venerated technological innovator and one of today’s leading instrumentalists. Peter Zinovieff (*1933) is best known as the founder of London’s Electronic Music Studio, where he spent the late 1960s developing the ground-breaking VCS3 synthesiser. Zinovieff has also worked closely with figures such as Harrison Birtwistle and Hans Werner Henze, and has been hailed for his pioneering work by artists and writers across the board. Since 2010 Peter Zinovieff has come back to electronic music with two commissions by TBA 21 (Bridges from Somewhere, the Morning Line, Istanbul and Good Morning Ludwig, ZKM), 2 Violin Concerti with Aisha Orazbayeva (Radio France and London Contemporary Music Festival) and a series of poetry and 5.1 surround sound compositions with Katrina Porteous (The Sage, Gateshead). Lucy Railton (*1985) is a London and Berlin based musician and considered one of the leading instrumentalists working in experimental and electronic new music today. Original works have been made and presented the Tate Modern Turbine Hall (sound installation for Philippe Parreno’s ‘16 - ‘17 Hyundai Commission) at Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, Lulea Kulturhausen, Sweden, Electronic Music Studio, Stockholm, House of Electronic Arts, Basel, James Cohen Gallery, New York, the Royal Opera House, London, Wysing Arts Festival, Cambridge and Dean Clough, Halifax. Commissions include the OST for Philippe Parreno’s short film “Lin-Yen”, and PAF Festival of Film Animation, Czech Republic in collaboration with Rebecca Salvadori, Sonic Acts/Dark Ecology/Borealis Festival with artist Russell Haswell. Some past collaboration include those with Mark Fell, Chris Watson, dancer/choreographer Akram Khan, and visual artists Linder Sterling and Philippe Parreno. She has recently released the music of Giacinto Scelsi on SNVariations. Lucy is also founder and co-director of the London Contemporary Music Festival.

Lucy Railton (Cello), Peter Zinovieff (Computer, Electronics, Diffusion)


Experimental, hidden composing, contemporary

Das Gamut Kollektiv steht für das Forschende, Suchende und Bewegte; ist Nährboden für Ideen, Experimente und Prozesse.

So wie Musikerinitiativen aus Berlin, Köln, Wien, Graz und Bern, will das Gamut Kollektiv auch in Zürich entsprechende Räume öffnen und als Kommunikationsfläche zwischen MusikerInnen und KünstlerInnen verschiedener stilistischer oder geografischer Herkunft agieren.

Das Kollektiv besteht aus 8 jungen Zürcher Jazzmusikern, die sich alle in ihrer eigenen Musik frei zum Ausdruck bringen und durch den gegenseitigen Austausch eine agile Zusammenarbeit und Dynamik schaffen. Ein Musikerpool, der von einer gemeinsamen künstlerischen Vision zusammengehalten und getragen wird.

Silvan Schmid (Trumpet),
Tapiwa Svosve (Alto Saxophone),
Tobias Pfister (Tenor Saxophone),
Maurus Twerenbold (Trombone),
Philipp Eden (Piano), Vojko Huter (Guitar), Xaver Rüegg (Bass),
Paul Amereller (Drums)


Do, 23.03.2017, 21.00 Uhr, Projektraum: VOMIR (FR) / JUNKO / DUSTBREEDERS (JP/FR)


Monolithic Harsh Wall Of Noise

Vomir is the harsh noise wall (HNW) project of French artist Romain Perrot. Perrot embraces noise as a non-violent form of anarchy and as an opportunity for both complete isolation and complete immersion. He spent thirty years in Paris before settling in Montpelier.

Yves Botz (Electric Guitar), Michel Henritzi (Electric Guitar), Romain Perrot (Electric Guitar), Junko (Voice)


Scream Queene Japan legendary Hijokaidan member Junko meets Electric Guitar Feedback catharsis Trio

Since the end of the eighties, Dustbreeders persist in their savagery extracted from crude guitars and mange-disques (“slot in record players”).
Collaborating extensively with Junko the voice of Hijokaidan, sharing gigs with Keiji Haino, Sonic Youth, Borbetomagus, Sister Iodine, Ramleh, etc. Their new studio recording with Junko “The missing Bar” is published on 213 records. It is the first one since Dustbreeders / Junko live CD “Mommy close the Door“ on Starlight Furniture Co in 2003.

Watch on youtube: video 1, video 2, video 3


Fr, 24.03.2017, 20.00 Uhr, Warteraum: YERNA (CH) / SOFIE ELLENBROEK (CH)


Folk, Pop und eine Prise Klassik

Man nehme zwei Gitarren, eine Violine, ein Cello und die Freude am Singen. Nun wirft man alles in ein gemütliches Wohnzimmer in Basel. E voila hier ist Yerna.
Seit 2016 spielen wir einen gefühlvollen Mix aus allem was uns inspiriert und geprägt hat.

Flurina Füglistaler (Voice, Guitar), Luca Schürch (Guitar, Voice), Lucia Travella (Cello, Voice), Gilda Travella (Violin, Voice)



Alles einfach, alles ehrlich, Lieder über das Leben, die Liebe und Piraten.