R.I.P. Flatterschafft 2013 – 2022

WURM – space for adventourous, explorational, improvised, highlofi, noise, core, bringing together old friends from KLAPPFON, Acc-ess, It is what it isn’t and Radial. Sporadically opening its doors for video shows and others.


WURM season 2020/21 is supported by Swisslos-Fonds Basel-Stadt, Christoph Merian Stiftung and Osteuropa Forum Basel

26.11.2022 KLAPPFON

Goodbye WURM Quest: DJ WÜRM / Friends

Axel Kolb (live)
DJ Würm (live)
Brooklyn Bridge
Diejay Varni

Team Wurm invites to the final gathering in the colon of the feral beast, as this lovely escape room will be no more soon.
->(🥺pls help üs find a damp cellar to make noise in, thx 4 any lead)
Lets say a very wurm farewell, all creatures in the worm to frog range welcome.

doors: 23:00

19.11.2022 KLAPPFON

Goodbye rave with Dankgate & TEC Support

18.11.2022 KLAPPFON


INNERNOISE LABEL NIGHT 🔗 Innernoise bandcamp


Experimentronics * Deep Listening * Synthesized Tales * Everyday Sound Explorations
In the context of an installation at Klang Moor Schopfe 2021 they created a live-performance with vibrating glass and porcelain on prepared tables, which they will play at this show.
Inspired by literature, stories, settings or images, Fresco / Sommer create improvised musical fragments that are later arranged into compositions. ANIMOT is their latest musical outcome, which comes as a download with a book in cassette format. Abstract, auditory storylines inspired by literary works are created in form of four sound stories.

🔗 Soundcloud
🔗 Insta


In this new tape release, No I Dont’s flute-based expressions reverberate with stories, relations, sound beds and memories. With this sonic reflection, she refers to notions of memory/trauma/loss and invites to a listening attuned to social frameworks and politics of emotions. An improvisational approach shapes these sonic encounters of instruments, technology, space and time.
In her live set, No I Dont combines analog instruments, various forms of microphony, loops and samplings with process-based electronics.

Franziska Koch, also known as No I Dont, is an artist, sound practitioner, teacher and organiser based in Zurich. She is co-founder of the sound platform OOR. Together with Aio Frei and Ahmet Köken, she forms the artistic-curatorial team of OOR Saloon and shares the desire to live experimental sound practices politically, queerly and emotionally.

🔗 No I Dont – r▼em_em_∆ ▼be-ring
🔗 Taimashoe & No I Don’t
🔗 No I Don’t with TRA & Taimashoe – Ololyga (high pitches in resistance)
🔗 Oor Records


Live improvisation with/in the electrosmog of computation * self-built instrument to co-play the electromagnetic emissions of computing processes * based on the stress tool for system administration, strictly terminal * in spaces where the virtual and the actual interfere with each other.

Valentien Vuksic is a sonic artist and researcher focused on the physical spheres of the computational: she improvises and collects recordings of electricity, reads technology-based security experimentation in labs and on borders and is working towards sites of crosstalking.

🔗 Hard Disko

17.11.2022 KLAPPFON

Marc Matter: Could Change: A Word Composition | Lorenzo Abattoir

Marc Matter: Could Change: A Word Composition

Concept, composition, text: Marc Matter
Production, algorithmic composition: Florian Zeeh

sound poetry, vocal composition, generative algorithms, speech synthesis

The word composition “Could Change” consists of found and selected text fragments of news headlines, recited by a manipulated synthetic voice and arranged in gradually shifting repetitions by a specially developed algorithm. The speech material is cut up according to a strict formalism, creating a repetitive structure that allows short units of sound consisting of a few words to slowly merge into one another. These interlocking transitions are the central compositional principle, leading to a literary form of repetition in which the sound of speech and meaning make unforeseen connections – an between-the-lines listening.

This creates the potential for the audience to hear words or phrases that emerge from the rhythmic structure but were not uttered in this way by the synthetic voice – an emergent effect in which the whole piece contains far more than the sum of the word loops strung together. These elements result in a genuinely acoustic writing method that makes targeted use of the means and possibilities of digital technology. Instead of describing reality in whatever form through language, the authentic material is taken directly from media reality, thus enabling an abstract, direct realism.

The piece challenges the imaginary possibility space of human language comprehension and psychoacoustic pattern recognition – while listening, perception can create individual phantom words. Therefore, the piece is dedicated to experimental psychologist Diana Deutsch and her work on ‘Phantom Words’.

Marc Matter (*1974 in Basel, CH) explores the musicality of language and the area between sound and text. Founding member of the artist group Institut für Feinmotorik, as well as of the music project The Durian Brothers; DJ and co-curator at Salon des Amateurs (Düsseldorf), author and composer of various commissioned works for radio (WDR, SWR, Deutschlandradio Kultur), among others. with Dagmara Kraus, Andreas Bülhoff and Ulrike Janssen, among others; further collaborations with Niobe, Vonna-Michell, Stefan Römer, Tom White, Duncan Harrison, among others; record releases on Mount Analogue, Slimvolume, Chocolate Monk, Tanuki, Research and Waves.
Artist Collective Institut für Feinmotorik, and the music project The Durian Brothers; DJ and co-curator at Salon des Amateurs (Düsseldorf), author and composer of various commissioned works for radio (WDR, SWR, Deutschlandradio Kultur), a.o. with Dagmara Kraus, Andreas Bülhoff and Ulrike Janssen; further collaborations with Niobe, Vonna-Michell, Stefan Römer, Tom White, Duncan Harrison, among others; record releases on Mount Analogue, Slimvolume, Chocolate Monk, Tanuki, Research and Waves.

Lorenzo Abattoir

Lorenzo Abattoir is a sound artist from Turin. A key element of his work is the relationship between spiritual practices and unusual methods of audio processing where the sound of chaos merges with order and where every detail and every nuance seem to be carefully adjusted and controlled. He is also the founder of Mare di Dirac, a collective interested in the use of handmade instruments and analog electronics according to the principles of quantum physics.

🔗 Blog

5.11.2022 KLAPPFON


GARANCINA (Losannen bei Genf)
GWENDILATER (Baile Átha Cliath)
DJ SPETECORE (Saint Baselles)
BONO’$ GHOST (An Cabhán)
LORD SOFT (Basel am Rhein)
EURODAD (Fstm. Monaco)

Doors 23 Uhr
12 chf, Cash or Twint only

🔗 Sherekahnny
🔗 Garancina
🔗 Safety First Basel

28.10.2022 KLAPPFON


Seams of the Days (Pt. 5) – a live-only album (1h 8m)
1 Synthesizer (Quitno) – 1 Drum kit (Anklin)

The fifth part of Misel Quitno’s «Seams of the Days»-series – a succession of albums that follow their own tradition: Relatively capricious and contorted 1-hour continuums, created over a longer period of time on a single synthesizer. This fifth part was conceived as a collaboration with drummer Michael Anklin, who just as playfully and with an occasionally peculiar sonic palette, provides embellishment, groove and rumble. This piece is currently available exclusively as a live concert, it has so far been performed only once, in August 2021 at the botanical garden, Bern.

Synth: Misel Quitno 🔗 www.dimgrimm.com
Drums: Michael Anklin 🔗 www.michaelanklin.com

🔗 www.riplmusic.com/quitno-anklin

Anton Rodin is a sound artist, designer, producer and publisher on his own small label, releases all kinds of experimental music made by artists from all over the world. Anton is active in sphere of collecting sound-archaeological materials, sound collage, found recordings, sound mapping, sound layers of cultural memory. He is interested in reflecting cultural memory history through sound and making collective soundscape by means of field recordings and ready-made sonic objects.

🔗 https://nazlorecords.bandcamp.com/album/–18

Artiom Vasilenco is a Berlin-based experimental sound artist. His work sources sounds from his surrounding environments—quotidian, mechanistic, and, to a certain extent, familiar to all city dwellers. His music aims to reshape the cold and repetitive nature of urban soundscapes into explorations of the intimate and emotional.

🔗 https://sanspatrie.bandcamp.com/
🔗 https://kebab-showroom.bandcamp.com/

doors: 21:00

27.10.2022 KLAPPFON


Papiro is a graphic designer, violin player, record collector and electronic music maker with a particular affinity for machines from the pre-programmable («my pets»). Early concerts under his own name sometimes consisted of a single chord, held for 30 minutes at high volume; or running 17 auto-accompaniment organs at once – with help from the audience – in an all night long performance. In the studio, meanwhile, he enjoyed endless modular patching and the virtues of overdubbing, which resulted in a couple of albums of which some reflect his italian-classical origins, while other move into the sonic territories of New Age and Ambient, but at the same clearly differentiate themselves from these genres by their restless and disturbing mood.

🔗 papiro.ch

Ruhail Qaisar is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and producer from Ladakh, India. His work focuses on sound art and experimental filmmaking. He has been performing all over India since 2016 under his previous moniker Sister.
As a musician, he explores the confines of memory, intergenerational trauma, and the operational swarm of the unconscious through the incorporation of vernacular poetic gestures and improvisation.
His debut EP LTALAM draws on the solipsism and the decay of historical structures, family homes, and the inevitable pollution and ghettoization of the alleys within old-town Leh. A place where identities were as organic as the structures once, but the tourism-based economy pounded concrete dilapidations and the locality transformed into a dismal state. On a larger scale, all indigenous communities in the Himalayas are all suffering at the hand of unplanned industrialization and urbanizatin along with military atrocities.
The work serves to transmit memories carried through events and local mythos as developed through his recollections of growing up between the remote agrarian villages of Ladakh and the military-occupied, tourism-industrialized urban-center Leh.
His compositions form haunting drones of hypnosis disturbed by spastic barrages of post-industrial noise and unnerving power electronics with tropes of vernacular theatre.
His debut LP will be released on Aisha Devis’s Danse Noire later in 2022.

🔗 ruhailqaisar.com

Massimo Toniutti is an experimental musician whose main sources are concrete sounds. Lately he’s investigating the nature of vibrating strings especially associated with a constellation of punctual sounds. His compositional principle is connected to the depth perception of space, also thanks to the use of treated environmental recordings, with il Museo Selvatico from 1991 (reissued in 2018 by Black Truffle) likely representing its most archetypal and influential example. During 1990’s and 2000’s he dealt also with the language of radio, subsequently collaborating with visual artists and film makers on installations, documentaries etc. From 2016 he’s newly publishing his musical works and very recently he started to perform live. His music catalogue, from the 80’s, is currently to be reissued on some dedicated European labels.

🔗 Bandcamp

FRAU ZWEI are reincarnated Frau Frankenstein und Spülboy originally from Brno (CZ). Frau Frankenstein’s instrumental components were based on fast dance styles such as free techno, dub, break core or digital hardcore. Frau Zwei incorporates slower tempos into their music and experiments with a much larger variety of styles like techno, punk, hardcore, scream, lo-fi, chip tune etc.
Debut vinyl „Za dve^rma nikdo neni” was released in June 2021 via Korobushka records.

🔗 Bandcamp

doors: 20:30 concert: 21:00

22.10.2022 KLAPPFON & Dankgate & Cathartic Noize Experience


15.10.2022 KLAPPFON


Simeon Sigg explores the vast spheres of possible sonic symbioses, playing with the spatial arrangement of sounds and the role of the performer. Different approaches emerge in a field where experimental compositional practice overlaps and merges with synthesizer-based pop music.

🔗 simeonsigg.com/music-smells-funny

Transitionless is the duo composed by the two co-founders of Cringecore, Crypto Soso and Anesthesia. In their b2b’s, they focus on a sharp and varied selection, the motto at the beginning being “transitionless”, without a defined style and fluctuating between various electronic music genres. Between trance, breaks, electro, happy hardcore and fast bangers, each surprise cover is made with the best ingredients, some cringer than others. But this is only one of their facets and you can as well expect more experimental and eclectic sets, mixing the fruit of their two joint musical researches.

🔗 soundcloud.com/transitionless
🔗 instagram.com/cringec0re_/


🔗 soundcloud.app.goo.gl/p87QHdvYHxJUZRpN7


🔗 soundcloud.com/summer_camp/avia-x-diejay-varni-sc22-230722?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

doors: 22:00

14.10.2022 KLAPPFON

FROG QUEST: Mutual Aid Emergency

Levent 🔗 exlevent.bandcamp.com

Sicc Puppy 🔗 soundcloud.com/sicc_puppy

Golce Dabbana 🔗 soundcloud.com/golce-dabbana

Emergency Frog Quest dedicated to collect funds and provide relief for Sicc Puppy, come and leave all your money. Lets take care of each other, so we can be dangerous together. Starts 2300, ends roughly around 5, 10 CHF

doors: 23:00

24.9.2022 Amenthia

Sybil / Garçon / Agonis / Varuna (live)

Varuna (live)

doors: 00:00



22.9.2022 KLAPPFON


New Trio, proposed by Jean Philippe Gross. Mixing intense modular electronics, with the nearly electronic sounding acoustics from Christine Abdelnour and field recordings from Australian-born Berlin based Felicity Managan.

🔗 jeanphilippegross.com
🔗 christineabdelnoursehnaoui.jimdofree.com
🔗 felicitymangan.org

doors: 21:00

13.9.2022 Radial

Julius Amber (Sartorius/Amberg) | Delprat/Renaudin

Radial Is back from summer break!
We are hosting two great sets at WURM and would like to invite everyone to join in.
On the first set we’ll have Marie Delprat and Benoît Renaudin presenting his sound installation “Flutes!” composed of 100 + 1 recorders. 100 recorders are all powered by an air compressor creating a fragile, soft and incredibly complex sound texture – an unheard of sound object, changing with every step the listener takes around the installation. In this performance the 100 automated recorders will be in close dialog with another live recorder performed by Marie Delprat.
Second set will consist of a journey through microscopic sound presented by ‘Julius Amber’ (Elio Amberg and Julian Sartorius).
Here’s what they have to say about the show:
”If you prick up your ears for the very quiet sounds, you will discover an unsuspected level with each instrument: an often drowned-out sound world that sounds neither electronic nor acoustic. The audience is immersed in microscopic, greatly magnified sounds.
“Julius Amber”: loud amplified soundlessness.”
Elio Amberg – amplified sax
Julian Sartorius – amplified percussion
Concerts start at 20.30h
Entrance from 15 CHF
student’s discount available
Hope to see you at WURM!


→ Event on Facebook

8.9.2022 KLAPPFON

"A" Trio

20th anniversary tour
Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet
Sharif Sehnaoui: acoustic guitar
Raed Yassin: double-bass

“A” Trio is the oldest Lebanese free improv group. It was formed in 2002 by Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet), Sharif Sehnaoui (acoustic guitar), and Raed Yassin (double bass), initially for a single concert at the second edition of the experimental music festival Irtijal. After this concert the three musicians went on to record the first free jazz album to be produced in the arab world (A – La Cédéthèque, 2003). Their music later moved away from its jazz roots towards a more textural approach, relying strongly on prepared & extended techniques for a heavy diversion of their respective instruments. After working together in trio and various other contexts for many years, Kerbaj, Sehnaoui and Yassin reached a characteristic sound that has been fondly described as “textural swing.” Creative yet simple, acoustic yet powerful, their live performances are playful and rely on a strong visual component.

In 2012, and for their 10th anniversary, “A” Trio finally released their long awaited second album Music to Our Ears, followed a year later by their first live album, recorded at the Konfrontationnen festival in Nickelsdorf. In 2022, the group is celebrating their 20th anniversary with the release of two new albums (The Binding Third and Folk).
“A” Trio has also often worked with guest musicians or in collaboration with other bands, in live setup or in the recording studio. They have so far collaborated with: folk singer/musician Alan Bishop, improv pioneers AMM, Lebanese punk-rock band Scrambled Eggs, Turkish free jazz band KonstruKt, French poet Patrick Dubost, acclaimed Australian trio The Necks as well as various musicians including Michael Zerang, David Stackenas, Martin Kuchen, Georg Wissel, Tony Buck, Maurice Louca and Michel Doneda.

“A” Trio has widely toured in Europe and the USA, performing in festivals such as Skanu Mesz in Riga, Club Transmediale and Maerz Musik in Berlin or Météo in Mulhouse. Individually, Kerbaj, Sehnaoui and Yassin are three of Lebanon’s most active musicians, organising the Irtijal international festival since 2001 and running two record labels Al Maslakh devoted to “publish the un-publishable on the Lebanese musical scene” and Annihaya that focuses on sampling, recycling and the displacement of various aspects of popular culture.

🔗 mazenkerbaj.com/a-trio

doors: 21:00

2.9.2022 KLAPPFON


JEROME NOETINGER (revox & electronics)

Swirling field recordings, urban-mechanical sounds, ghost-radio, cannibal revivalist magnetic tape, unrecognizable saxophone tones with a hellish feel, and manipulations of twiddling and aggressive synthesizer textures complete and combine for a sonic flow of pure and permanent tension.

This trio proposes an uncompromising hallucinated sound trip of the highest order.

A captivating, rich, and spiralling back and forth between different levels of listening, filled with referential and non-referential sound materials and disturbing textures with perfectly controlled dynamics, come and join us on the edge of the abyss & of time

🔗 metamkine.free.fr
🔗 soundimplant.com/achessex
🔗 franciscomeirino.com


Welcome show for Stas Sharifullin, he is back in basel and we will have some future fun with this nice fellow!! Bashkir/Russian, Siberian-born researcher and artist working with sound and contexts of the sonic. He is currently teaching at the Sound Studies and Sonic Arts M.A. at Berlin University of the Arts, and has a Visiting Fellowship at the Critical Media Lab at FHNW Academy of Art and Design. His ongoing research examines the potential of sonic agency, e.g. how sound and music operate in contexts of political activism and resistance practices, addressing the variation in inequality across authoritarian regimes and unbalanced power dynamics under late capitalism.

🔗 hmot.club

→ Event on Facebook

22.7.2022 KLAPPFON

DJ Fingerblast | João Làgrima de Ouro | BRKN Rec. | DankGate | Safety First | TEC_Support

DJ Fingerblast
↳ dankgate.com/audio?t=dj_fingerblast

João Làgrima de Ouro



Safety First


doors: 23:00

2.7.2022 KLAPPFON



Plattfon 001 Recordrelease Concert/Party

Max Usata: Vocals, Drums, Synth
Sirup Gagavi: Guitar
Beni 06: Farfisa Organ
Igor Stepniewski: Electric Bass, Flute
Tobi Schramm: Drums

Cockroach sound. Tender hammering. Whistling, chirping.
Much silence in between. Small modulated electric guitar sound. Aha: a rock band?
Puts Marie has always been a very changeable collective. As a successful indie band, they like to dive into other, even more uncommercial genres. In the past it was street music, today it’s more or less free “improvisation”. On the new double album Musique Improvisée many different kinds and situations of musical improvisation are presented: Live (the first record consists of concert recordings), in the studio (the second record), chilling soundscapes, highly agile developments, pop-like or -unlike and very much in between. Above all, actually: in between. Because this musique improvisée is a musical sounding out, a questioning of sound on the part of those who produce it together.
Embedded in the cover art collages is text – song title, lineup, thought flashes, etc. – and often the words are crossed out. Discarding is important if you want to question your own point of view and, as apparently Puts Marie does, with pleasure. Various writing implements come into play, finer nibs alongside the clumsily smudging Sharpie. It is the same in this album of Musique Improvisée.

🔗 plattfon.ch/PUTS-MARIE-Musique-improvisee
🔗 putsmarie.com

VAL CLIPP (Off Center)

Luca van Grinsven co-curates the ever developing community platform Off Center in Den Haag under his Val Clipp moniker, researching, collecting and sampling the constant sensory overload of his surroundings.

🔗 offcenter.online

Intro & Outro with DJ PULT, STAHLKAPPENSLIPPER and friends.

doors: 22:00

27.6.2022 KLAPPFON



Camille Emaille is a French percussionist born in 1993 in Nice. She studied at the Musik-Akademie of Basel (Switzerland) with Christian Dierstein on contemporary music and with Fred Frith on free improvisation where she got a Bachelor Degree in percussion with Excellence in 2018. In 2016 she was a guest scholar at Mills College and studied there with William Winant, Fred Frith and Roscoe Mitchell. In 2017 she released her first solo album on the portugese label Creatives Sources Recordings. She considers music a part of everything, part of everyday life. That’s why she began to improvise, to feel music more as a flux, as something which is already here, something that we (the musician and the audience) just jump into… She works with many artists from varying fields, such as video, muppet theatre, shadow theater with the show Fontanalbe and plays in the musical projects Oxke Fixu (duo with clarinet), Ghoast (duo with american saxophonist Tom Weeks), ESCARGOT (her quartet with, Xavière Fertin on clarinet, Louis Frères on e-bass and Tom Malmendier on drums). She used to organize and play in « wild » events, happenings that took place in unusual locations such as closed tunnels, abandoned hospitals, highway bridges, old synagogues (festival Myosotis); events where people go without any knowledge of what will transpire…
🔗 camilleemaille.com

Hans Koch has quit his carreer as a recognised classical clarinetist to become one of the most innovative improvising reed-players in Europe. He has been working with everyone from Cecil Taylor to Fred Frith since the eighties. As a composer he has shaped the sound of Koch-Schütz-Studer since the beginning as well as working for radio-plays and film. Since the nineties he has been working with electronics as an extension of the saxes/clarinets as well as with sampling/sequencing/Laptop. As a reed-player he is always working on his very own vocabulary and sound, which makes him a very unique voice on the actual scene.
🔗 hansko.ch


Tapiwa Svosve (born 1995) is a saxophonist and electroacoustic musician living and working in Zurich and London. He has released work through Graham Dunning’s Open Sound Group net label and Raw Tonk Records, and was part of “The Tomorrow People“ exhibition at the Elevator Gallery in 2013. He is especially interested in the relations between sound and space and the electronic and/or physical manipulation and abstraction of acoustic sounds, creating different overlapping layers of small electroacoustic systems.
🔗 czarnagora.bandcamp.com

doors: 21:00

18.6.2022 It is what it is not

Christian Moser+Robin Michel / Eva-Maria Karbacher+Tizia Zimmermann

/// 2 sets of improvised/experimental music ///
doors 20.30
concerts 21:00
entrance: 10.-/15.-
Christian Moser: Çümbüş (Banjo), Electronics
Robin Michel: Modular Sythesizer, Electronics
The duo uses a repertoire of selected sounds and noises. Beats and layers evoke a virtual acoustic space; in it reduced sound objects, fragile or harsh glitches and the prepared banjo interact with the dense, expansive sound body of the modular synthesizer.
Eva-Maria Karbacher: Saxophone
Tizia Zimmermann: Accordion
The two instruments merge into a sound world, giving the music a physical quality full of energy and purpose. Driven by curiosity and the need to provoke new possibilities, the two musicians encounter each other in the realm of surprise.

17.6.2022 KLAPPFON


dj-set + Bagpipes live session

DJ Baᄂᄂi’s
Cutout Standee live act
8 bit

Terror Speedcore

Live breakkkkkks

ΚĻ◊η 318
Terror Breakcore


→ Event on Facebook

16.6.2022 Radial

Ensemble Inverspace

On the last installment before the summer break Radial hosts Ensemble Inverspace at WURM.

Ensemble Inverspace is a versatile group that adapts itself to a broad spectrum of musical genres and that is exactly what we can expect to see and hear at WURM. Michelle Lou creates her own unique sound world and her music is haunting and at times beautifully dystopian while Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, coming from the rave culture of the 90’s, merges various dubbing effects and elements form the Acid House trend of the end of the last century with western classical new music. Two different worlds that Ensemble Inverspace bravely takes on at full throttle.


Michelle Lou – Near Distant
Jorge Sánchez-Chiong – Skepsis ó_O
Inverspace is:
Patrick Stadler- Saxophones
Maruta Staravoitava – Flutes
Clemens Hund-Göschel – Keyboards
Robert Torche – Electronics
João Carlos Pacheco – Drums and Percussion
Sound engineer: Fabrizio di Salvo

DOORS and DRINKS……………….20.30H

Solothurnerstrasse 4
4053 Basel

→ Event on Facebook

11.6.2022 KLAPPFON


OD Bongo
A meeting between Somaticae’s solid beats and C_C’s noisy grooves. Using various drum machines, the duo blends genres such as techno, dub, noise and industrial. These Ambert and Saint-Etienne based musicians build a soundscape of continuous rhythms and immerse crowds in a wild bass music bubble.

Black Zone Myth Chant
Maxime Primault is a French musician, born in 1983. He has generated many projects over the years, including Black Zone Myth Chant (or BZMC), originally described as « Sun Ra meets Dj Screw ». BZMC self-released first album « Straight Cassette » came out on tape in the end of 2011. Having grown a solid fan base among nerds, it went on to be successfully reissued on Vinyl two years later and reach a larger audience. The moniker, though, could have been left out to drift into oblivion, had it not been for the French artist and DJ Low Jack’s proposal to release a new BZMC album, on his newborn Edition Gravats label. Over a few years of collaboration, the partnership with Edition Gravat spawned numerous BZMC releases, such as “Mane Thecel and Phares” (2015) or “Feng Sheng” (2017), as well as multiples tours and clubs events. The original BZMC sound also slightly shifted shape, to turn into a singular synthesis of electronic experimentations, syncopated grooves, dubby basslines, hypnotic vocals and industrial sounds. In April 2019, the wide aesthetic range of the project was on full-display with the release of the spiritual ambient LP entitled “Voyage Sacrifice”, on the highly regarded Shelter Press label. BZMC is back in 2021 with the soon to be released IN D EV IL EP, coming out as a 12’ vinyl EP on Winged Sun’s new division, WS-PRO, using new tools, improved production techniques, and focusing on a bass music aesthetic. As elegantly described in the press release, IN D EV IL is : « Masterfully disorienting, flickering with FX, drops, and narcotic murmuring, at the threshold of dissociative and dubstep. ».

Lost Dogs Entertainment – DJ set
Bobb V. has a strong passion for bass & breaks and melancholic clubbing tunes. From 0 to 300 BPM, he managed sometimes to make people dance but obviously this was an accident. Warm-up or after anytime is good time. and if you’re dirty enough he’ll make you here some gems from his hard/speed/break-core vinyl collection.In 2015 he started Lost Dogs Entertainment to release some uncategorised electronic music. after nearly 30 releases from ambient to hardcore through rap, there’s something coherent but no one can really tell what.

🔗 odbzmcbvtour.wordpress.com

→ Event on Facebook

28.5.2022 It is what it is not

Paula Sanchez + Sylvain Monchocé | Roy Carroll | Estelle Beiner + Marina Tantanozi

3 sets of improvised/experimental music

doors: 20:30
tickets: 10-15 CHF

Paula Sanchez: Cello
Sylvain Monchocé: Gayageum

Subtle noise poetic duo: Imaginative, creative, experimental and erratic behaviour. Conversations between unconventional lines.

Paula Sanchez
Sylvain Monchocé


Roy Carroll Solo: Electronics, Objects

Mechanical Reproduction is a series of pieces for diverse electroacoustic media, using an object-orientated system of notation. All Surface, the first piece of the series, instigates relationships between amplified and actuated surfaces, and observes their inevitable collapse from an unsafe distance.

Roy Carroll


Estelle Beiner: Amplified violin

Marina Tantanozi: Amplified flute

Estelle and Marina met 6 months ago at the Joyful Noise Orchestra. They liked each other’s little sounds, acoustic or amplified, the effects and the listening manners but most of all the humor and the character. Their duo channels these vibes musically.




→ Event on Facebook

14.5.2022 KLAPPFON

Laurie Tompkins | Rafal Skoczek | chlutter | djpult

Laurie Tompkins
Laurie Tompkins is a UK composer, performer and co-director of the Slip label.
From scores for samples, instruments and voices he creates a grabbable music that dreams and confounds. Bodies, things, words, and sounds strain under duress, looping their way through scenes of grubby presence, not-quite riff, mouldy echo, and swollen bombast.
His spring 2022 discs for Entr’acte, 33-33 and Hyperdelia are a thick, unruly soup of keys and computer with pianist Eliza McCarthy; a desperate suite of consoling, tanked songs with takes from Jess Hickie-Kallenbach, Teresa Winter, Gwilly Edmondez and videos by Joel Wycherley; and some dilated rotten soul with Eliza and Ashley Paul.

Rafal Skoczek
Rafal Skoczek is an artist , composer and co-founder of the label Czarnagora.



6.5.2022 KLAPPFON

Terrorrythmus | Brooklyn Bridge | XOXO Miro | JPP | Mirage


Brooklyn Bridge




Doors: 23:00

1.5.2022 Radial

RADIAL invites Francesco Palmieri and Luis Azcona

On the second installment of the 2022 season Radial opens WURM’s stage to two fantastic young musicians. Francesco Palmieri and Luis Azcona are part of a new generation of artists working to blur the lines between music and technology. At WURM they’ll be presenting a program that goes from analog to fully digital and explores sociopolitical themes (Bernal), interpreters interaction as a duo (Steen-Andersen) and new sound explorations of a pop-culture instrument (Billone). An end of spring afternoon suggestion to amuse, lead to reflection and deepen the senses.
Alberto Bernal – (neo)liberal systems #4 “the game” for iPad and video Simon Steen-Andersen – Drownwords for voice and Guitar
Pierluigi Billone – Sgorgo Y for e-Guitar
Francesco Palmieri – guitars
Luis Azcona – voice/percussion/iPad
DOORS and DRINKS: 18.30H
WURM Solothurnerstrasse 4 4053 Basel
tickets from 10chf on / discounts available


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28.4.2022 KLAPPFON



In the past two decades, Tashi Dorji has traveled a long road, recording several dozen albums and touring the world, playing his guitar solo and in collaboration with inspired others (Mette Rasmussen, Tyler Damon, Aaron Turner). Gifted with a sensitive ear to the clarion call of intuitive artistry, he is forever picking up his instrument and reaching through it to find new sounds. In this, he has distinguished himself among those who listen to improvised music as an incisive, distinctive player of moments. His lates album ‘Stateless’ came out on Drag City in September 2020 // Pitchfork press”The improvising guitarist’s first album for Drag City is restless and unsettling. Building on his idea of improvisation as a non-hierarchical value system, it is also a kind of protest record.’’



The collaborative work between Audrey Chen and Hugo Esquinca simultaneously explores the dynamics between a sonorous body, the processing interaction of a system that responds directly to the particularities of its spectra and the relation these two have with a defined space. In this sense, human – machine relations enter into a mediation through a double articulation. This double articulation emerges from the inherent temporalities of vocality and the processual speeds of computational devices which carry within them the capacity to extend the intervening at the same time as they react to the spatial characteristics of a defined architecture.

AUDREY CHEN is a 2nd generation Chinese/Taiwanese-American musician who was born into a family of material scientists, doctors and engineers, outside of Chicago in 1976. Parting ways with the family convention, she turned to the cello at age 8 and voice at 11. After years of classical and conservatory training in both instruments, with a resulting specialization in early and new music, she parted ways again after the birth of her son in 2000, to begin new negotiations with sound in order to discover a more individually honest aesthetic.
For nearly two decades, her predominant focus has been her solo work with the cello, voice and electronics, delving deeply into her own version of narrative and non-linear storytelling. More recently, she has begun to shift back towards the exploration of the voice as a primary instrument often in interplay with the analog electronics, working to join these elements into a singular ecstatic personal language.

HUGO ESQUINCA (Born D.F., 1990) Esquinca’s work focuses on exploring different degrees of exposure to erratic processing techniques, indeterminate occurrences, spectral degradation, abrupt irritation, the potential of involuntary modifications, opaque functioning and excessive levels of amplification.
His work has been presented in different contexts such as Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), National Centre for Contemporary Arts NCCA (Moscow), Fondazione Antonio Ratti (Como), Ujazdowski Castle for Contemporary Arts (Warsaw), Ploschad MIRA for Modern Art – Siberia (Krasnoyarsk), A4 (Bratislava), Goethe Institut (Athens), MAYHEM (Copenhagen), Aalto University (Helsinki), BEARS (Osaka), Haus der Kulturen der Welt and Berghain (Berlin).

🔗 audreychen.com
🔗 dekj.org

doors: 21:00

23.4.2022 Radial



In recent years,  Duo Klexs has experimented with the acoustic duo sound. With the new project “Strom” they bring works with electronic elements to the fore. By means of amplification, effect devices and electronic voices, the duo sound is alienated and expanded. In addition to the two commissioned compositions by Swiss-based composers Kevin Juillerat and Ezko Kikoutchi, two re-recordings by Anda Kryeziu and Emilio Guim will be embedded. The transitions will be designed with short, improvisational sound concepts. All works and concepts will be distributed to several loudspeakers in the space by sound artist and sound engineer Thierry Siemonot.

Anda Kryeziu: T*2
Emilio Guim: Taped Zen
Kevin Juillerat: UA*
Ezko Kikoutchi: UA*
Duo Klexs/Thierry Siemonot: Sound concepts/transitions
Silke Strahl: Saxophone, voice
Léa Legros Portal: Viola, voice
Thierry Siemonot: Live Sound


2.4.2022 KLAPPFON

Turbo Life Tape Release meets Klammklang


musique anti-guerre

Stas Sharifullin is a Bashkir, Siberian-born artist, researcher and computer musician working with digital algorithms, electricity and water. The main focus of xis ongoing academic and artistic research lies in the field of socio-political and decolonial contexts of the sonic.



club reconstruction

Sergei Demin is a Siberian-born artist based in The Netherlands. He works at the intersection of sound and technology. Currently he explores the relationship between devices, society and beings.


Turbo Life Tapes Release Party

Parco Palaz




Dj Klemenz


doors: 21:30


1.4.2022 KLAPPFON

Enfance De Merde / Flegma_Joe / Gated Boyhood / L.A.B. / XOXO Miro / DJ Nasty B?B 1/3 of TEC Support

30.3.2022 It is what it is not

Karbacher / Ernie / Vryzas

As a part of their Swiss tour, duo Karbacher/Vryzas invite Stefanie Ernie in Basel for a concert of free improvised music.
Eva-Maria Karbacher: Saxophone
Stefanie Ernie: Voice,Cello
Dimos Vryzas: Violin,Fx’s
Entrance: free/donation
Suggested price: 10.-


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26.3.2022 AMENTHIA


konduku & aa sudd (vector trancer), support by garçon & agonis

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24.3.2022 Tandem-Satellit


Tandem-Satellit invites artists to ask about the “Politics of Dancing” in 2022 and docks in a first round for a listening session at WURM. A group of artists from the fields of contemporary music and art have come together to form a collective research and production lab. Under the name Cornflowerblue, they are experimenting in their area of interest of sound. Building a community, exploring skill sharing and peer learning through a project-based work process, and creating a platform for interdisciplinary exchange are the cornerstones of the project.

The event will focus on exploring the creation and production of music and sound through various sound-related art disciplines. It will explore how a group of interdisciplinary artists with their own practices and backgrounds can come together to create a work of art that respects the individual while creating a format of artistic unity.

This event is organized by DOCK Basel in cooperation with participants of the Interdisciplinary Post-Graduate of the Musikhochschule Basel.


26.1.2022 KLAPPFON




Composed and recorded using the famous Yamaha DX7 synthesizer that is making a comeback in the post-slacker generation of the 2020’s, Leoni Leoni’s music sounds a bit like something Sade might have recorded if she lived in a small, poorly heated flat in Eastern Europe on a diet of reefer and lager. This magnificent synth-pop-ambient-cold-wave-lancinante provokes a state between lethargy and chemical high that is quite pleasant. It’s hard not to fall completely in love.




New electronic project of Paul Courlet (Antioche Kirm, Gros-oiseau, Merzuga), Aulp Uma elaborates its music mainly around digital machines, low-tech samplers, hybrid synthesizers, and an always open microphone.
From this deviant data-fucker emerges a more or less chaotic bipolar tantric music. We navigate between nothing, noise, rhythm and melody. We slip into suggestive sound atmospheres in metamorphosis and we don’t know where we are going.

hum cor foni
Le Boson du Yodel

13.12.2021 KLAPPFON


Raphael Stucky and Res Thierstein, as the Hammer Band, appropriate places that are not normally associated with gigs: Bushes, creek, bunker, cellar, forest, along the river… Indoors, the Hammer Band prefers to play in complete darkness, so also in the WURM (therefore there is no admission during the concert). Playing in the dark can open a space for extraordinary listening for performers and audience.

Two of the most creative sound activists & inventors of the current French sound underground! Arnaud Rivière, inventor of broketurntablism, feedbacks and noises with bend instruments and diy electronics and Nina Garcia, well known for her duo with mette rasmussen of selventer or her solo act mariachi where she explores the boundaries of improvisation and electric guitar playing.

Nina Garcia: Electric Guitar
Arnaud Rivière: Prepared Mixing Desk & Repaired Electrophone


10.12.2021 KLAPPFON


YUKI is the debut solo record by Basel-based multidisciplinary artist Yanik Soland. Inspired by film scores and sound design, YUKI is a 40 minute audio-piece in 11 chapters. Musical characters, each assigned a specific sound (such as a sampled quarter tone cembalo or synth voices) reappear across the chapters. With a background playing bass in bands, Soland utilises various collaborative modes on YUKI: his partner Marianna Angel appears on overdubbed iPhone-recorded piano, Stefan Tcherepnin plays guitar over one chapter, and a rehearsal recording with Gleb Glonti forms the canvas for another.

YUKI—the name Soland’s parents had planned to give him, if he were a girl—is Japanese for snow, snow-princess or luck, and is here used as an alter ego within Soland’s practice. YUKI’s touch- stones include Laurie Spiegel, Mark Fisher, Ruins, Dean Blunt, Maryanne Amacher, Tyler The Creator, Heather Leigh and Györgi Ligeti.

For the record release of YUKI a new trio was formed, playing arrangements of the solo-record.

Marianna Angel: Keys, Synth
Miro Widmer: Drums
Yanik Soland: Bass, Voice

Maspin is a violin solo project, mix of rock, ambient, noise and balkan influences, evoking various landscapes. His collaboration with Purpura is bringing abstract electronic and heavy beats into the loop, in a neverending ritual full of hisses, clamors, seisms and smoke.

Jamasp Jhabvala: Violin, Effects
Andrea Nucamendi: Electronics

Sleep dancing under the flood / Patience & Fermeté

Thee total sonic fallout, conducted by traffucked, severely screwed and always delayed sphere recordings, saturated with no reason, no logic and no input. A nihilistic sound manifesto, for thee last ones and thee retarded.


22.11.2021 KLAPPFON


Saadet Türköz (Voice)
A well-known fixture of Zurich’s avant garde jazz scene, Türköz has worked with Okkyung Lee, William Parker, Carl Stone and Bobby McFerrin. She released her first album in 1994 and has been performing and releasing music ever since.

Beat Keller (Guitar)
Beat Keller is a Swiss musician making avant garde jazz, experimental and improvised music. Through the exploration of extended playing techniques, guitar tunings and the use of the electric guitar feedback and the acoustic guitar, he has developed a distinct musical language


12.11.2021 KLAPPFON


Terrine: electronics
Somaticae: electronics

Jazzoux is Terrine + Somaticae, a mix of two experimental electronic solos. Claire Gapenne started her musical work when joining the no wave and industrial band Headwar with her friends from Accueil Froid , an underground venue in Amiens, France. She then created her solo project, Terrine , where she improvises a rough experimental techno. Since 2014, she also formed Me Donner alongside Romain Simon, a band at the fringes of no-wave, no-techno and improvised music. Since 2016, she has also been performing with the dance theatre company Sociétés Accidentelles in Amiens, and have lead the Orchestre Inharmonique from Nice during a workshop in 2019. Claire Gapenne’s music is hosted on many different labels, from No Lagos, to Tanzprocesz, Bruit Direct, Third Type Tape, and she is selected in the Shape 2021 roster. TERRINE advocates for a free and label-free music. Beside his main alias, Somaticae, Amédée De Murcia leads rhythmic excursions filled with breaks and caught in a swarming bath of saturation and feedbacks. As the author of numerous recordings on label such as In Paradisum or Tanzprocesz , flirting with adventurous techno and a resolutely noise-based approach, Somaticae mainly plays among the crowd, offering livesets filled with impactful and abrasive constructions. Amédée de Murcia has attempted to numerous festivals and venues, among which can be named the UH Fest, Villette Sonique, Vision, Sonic Protest, the Gaité Lyrique, Instants Chavirés, Ateliers Claus, Grrround Zero and Cave12. He was selected in the Shape 2019 roster as part of Od Bongo.



Minimal Drone


DJ Set

5.11.2021 KLAPPFON


Manfred Werder (Zurich) and Stefan Thut (Solothurn) have been working together intensively in various constellations for over 16 years. Their compositions question the potentials of music in the sense of a fundamental actualization of time. The locations of the performances are of great importance here, since it is about nothing less than the experience of potential realities on site.

The central question of the concert at wurm will be how the experiences of the performative activities in the public urban space, which both composers have been realizing for years, can be mirrored in the wurm in a material way by means of the objects, instruments, language and its found carriers. The present project will again open with a preceding “performative inspection” of the neighborhood. As always, the aim is to do equal justice to the exterior and interior spaces, without viewing these spaces as fundamentally different and separate.


29.10.2021 KLAPPFON


Max Usata: Vocals, Drums, Synth
Sirup Gagavi: Guitar
Beni 06: Farfisa Organ
Igor Stepniewski: Electric Bass, Flute
Tobi Schramm: Drums
Antoine Etter/Gaspard Pahud: Sound

The band’s sonic identity is pushed to its limits and kneaded, only to be catapulted out into the urgency of the moment.

A collision of sounds, riffs, grooves, spoken words and hypnotic repetitions that lead to the absurd. A chaos in resolute rock energy and a devilishly precise clockwork at the same time.


17.10.2021 KLAPPFON




M. Gabola/ T. DeTesta/ E. Bernè

Infected Burst might, at first assumption, sound to some like something gross, puss, a pimple, a mess maybe. But- here’s what I think: The “burst” is the expression itself, like socially conscious free jazz, the music BURSTS forth through the pain/complication (INFECTION) existing inside the artist. So— indeed, the Infected Burst is a very good metaphor for that sort of process of creative expression! (Phillip B. Klingler aka PBK from PBKsound Radio, USA)




Abstral Compost & Pascal Lopinat

Born from the meeting between the drummer/multi-instrumentalist Pascal Lopinat and the rapper/poet AbSTRAL Compost; They bravery exploring the various possible imbrications between the voice, mainly scandalized, and the black, industrial rhythms which scatter their new disc. The two artists unveil here, in the most sincere form, this broken attraction for the strange, so singular, which unites them. The result is a rap tinged with love and cracklings, an incantatory poetry, sometimes voluntarily hazardous, and experimental productions with rough, surprising roughness; mirror of their respective particularly varied influences.


6.10.2021 KLAPPFON

DIE ANGEL (Schneider TM & Ilpo Väisänen) / VARUNA



die ANGEL (or just ANGEL in the early days), the duo project of Ilpo Väisänen (ex-Pan sonic) & Dirk Dresselhaus aka Schneider TM, was born in 1999 during a joint European tour of Pan sonic and Schneider TM with the aim to use electronics, string instruments and effect loops to develop a sonic world that goes beyond fixed structures and clearly defined genres.

Coming from different musical backgrounds proved quite an advantage for the duo as it meant that they had to find their particular modus operandi: communication through noise and action, instant composition, spirit.

Over the course of over 2 decades now, die ANGEL crafted a catalogue of 10 albums released on labels like Editions Mego or Karlrecords that were recordings of either the core duo or featured like-minded artists like cellist Hildur Gudnadottir, Oren Ambarchi, Lucio Capece or BJ Nilsen and played numerous international headlining shows and festivals.

die ANGEL delve deep into the microcosms of tones, shaping nuanced layers of abstract sound that integrate elements of Musique Concrète, Minimal Music, Industrial, Noise, Blues and Psychedelia, and yet bear the unmistakable die ANGEL signature.



Varuna comes with a fresh release on our local bassed amnethia records. They will play a maximized setup based on modular synthesis and other electronic instruments. Be prepared for a spaced-out opening set.

Their trademark techno and hypnotic ambient will mix perfectly for the night!


27.9.2021 KLAPPFON




Anton Obrazeena: Guitar, Electronics
Anton Ponomarev: Sax, Electronics

There have been bands called Massacre before, but this one is unlike any that preceded them. They are a duo: saxophonist Anton Ponomarev and guitarist Anton Obrazeena, and this is their debut album. Obrazeena’s guitar was plugged into two guitar stacks and one bass stack, the better to achieve floor-shaking rumble. Ponomarev, who also plays electronics, sent his saxophone through two separate chains of electronics encompassing pedals, Moog processors, spring reverb, octavers, drone effects and more, so that it would travel independently through the left and right channels of the PA system. There was also a clear channel documenting just the saxophone, with no effects.
The resulting music is an unearthly ever-shifting roar, sometimes identifiable as the product of guitar and saxophone but just as often not. Obrazeena’s guitar frequently starts out as an almost country-tinged drone, not unlike Earth’s Hex; Or Printing In The Infernal Method before turning into a downtuned wall of thick, syrupy distortion you can almost touch. Ponomarev’s sax screeches and bellows, and his electronics create a dense pulse, with needle-sharp sine waves piercing the waves of static and reverberant atmospheres. The absence of rhythm allows them to concentrate on hearing and reacting to each other without worrying about time, creating an immersive world of pure sound that fills the room as easily as it empties out your skull.




Yao Bobby & Simon Grab will be presenting their upcoming album WUM, which will be released on LavaLava Records, Bristol UK. Their show is a very raw and improvised form of live experimental hiphop – ‘Freeform Rap and Noise’.
A lot of dirty bass, politically charged rap, loud.

The togolese Rapper and political activist Yao Bobby collaborates with swiss noisemaker Simon Grab. An intense soundbattle between energetic rhymes fired into a dark soundworld of raw electronic bass pulsations with a dubby punk attitude, produced on analog feedback electronics. Their EP «Diamonds» has been well received in the scene and in the media, including an award for the Best Music Video in Ann Arbor USA, a nomination at Solothurner Filmtage in Switzerland, and has – as their newest 7″ single «Black Revolution» – been sold out quickly.


20.9.2021 KLAPPFON



Nate Wooley: Trumpet
Fritz Welch: Drums, Voice
Valerio Tricoli: Tape
Nicolas Field: Drums, Electronics
Thomas Florin: Piano

Re–Ghoster is a thrilling trio comprised of pianist Thomas Florin, drummer Nicolas Field and the fascinating Revox monster Valerio Tricoli. The acoustic instruments are fed to tape, magnetised, digested, re-eaten, reworked and regurgitated again by the machine. The result are ghostly bursts & roars emerging from nothingness. Roaring stridences, shrieks chirps & shrills explode all in tension with each other. For the release tour of the new record “Or not all”, Re–Ghoster invites trumpeter Nate Wooley (USA) and percussionist-vocalist Fritz Welch (UK-USA), two essential pillars of the experimental/ improvised music scene, for a quest – as mystical as it is turbulent – into the depths of sound.This is a re-listening of the acoustic sounds, partly sieved by the electronics in a hybrid spatial continuum. A frictional, nervous symbiosis, full of jolts, but also abrasive and/or restrained fluidity. A very exciting interaction at all times, looking towards possible futures filled with low masses, giving birth to dense sonic textures shifting and/or overplayed in a ghostly union.

RE-GHOSTER bandcamp




11.9.2021 KLAPPFON




Li Xing was born in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia in 1987, and started learning guitar at the age of 12. He has drawn the sound languages such as Psychedelic Rock, Prog/Avant Rock, Free Jazz, Serial Music and Sound Art from different environments to form his own musical vocabulary. Enlightened by the relationship between Yin and Yang, his works strive to concern the relationship between the voice and the contemporary Chinese society, while utilizing techniques ranging from noise, environment, sequence, to events and incidents in support of the deliverance.

In recent years, Li Xing working on new thinking of composing “String & Wind”, the sound aesthetics that “String & Wind”wants to explore is to escape from the characteristics of the instrumental music and starts to talk in a more objective, rational and restrained way, and visualizing a musical surface in logic, geometry, strokes, or law……




As sound and visual artist, she develops artworks through field recordings, electronic. She establishes links between her musical practice and her visual practice, using techniques directly linked to sculpture: to cut in the mass, to model, to chisel by using digital tools of sound processing and analogic tools, allowing to generate echo, tensions, breaks and punctuations. By this research, this prehension, she composes orchestrated and spatial tones. She invests places for which she composes soundtracks in situ. When it comes to her performance practice, she conceives improvisation as a notion of “plan-sequence”, revealing the immersive composition of space.


COVID: As we all know, the situation is unsure but we are not willing to discriminate any audience or performers, to see the concerts or play a show..
Wear a mask, register at the entrance and take a seat. Bring your own drinks, Sorry for that. If you have any symptoms please stay at home.

5.11.2020 KLAPPFON

Anthony Pateras

UPDATE: Postponed until further notice

30.10.2020 RADIAL


18.10.2020 KLAPPFON

Inga Huld Hákonardóttir & Yann Leguay: Again The Sunset

Inga Huld Hákonardóttir and Yann Leguay play on raw materials and extract the music that the chosen materials propose. A beating gesture causing a throbbing rhythm. The effort carries spoken word out of it’s habitual state into a sonic limbo where a human howl could be located somewhere between wolf and dog.

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6.10.2020 KLAPPFON

Manuel Pessoa De Lima

Manuel Pessoa De Lima (Electronics, Piano)

Manuel Pessoa de Lima arrived in Berlin from Brazil with a sole plan in mind: to break out in the experimental music scene. It didn’t take too long for him to realize he wouldn’t be able to make a living from his art. Luckily, he was hired by a hairdresser in Prenzlauer Berg who uses live piano music in his saloon. Requested to play light and relaxing piano music, Manuel decided to compose his new album Friseur, where he plays his new compositions synced with a karaoke-like backtrack.

doors: 9pm


COVID: stay at home if you dont feel good, we take your email and phonenumber. bring your masks till we are in the venue keep it on, the concert will be seated with social distancing, no need to keep the masks on at this point if you feel unsecure keep it on. thanks for understanding.


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27.9.2020 RADIAL

RADIAL Come Back | Stanislas Pili & Christian Wolfarth | Register Now

Stanislas Pili (BE), Christian Wolfarth (ZU)

RADIAL was forced to stop like most of our cultural life but it is now catching up and making up for loss time.


Tickets from 10CHF | MAB reduced price
Concert starts at 18.30h
Doors open 15 min before the event

As everywhere else, some measures have to be taken in order to control the spread of CoViD-19 and allow the possibility of tracing potential outbreaks. For that reason the use of a facial mask is mandatory as well as a registration prior to the concert. We will also have to limit the entrances to a maximum of 15 audience members.

If you want to attend the event please contact us to register via email using the following address:

We look forward for a great come back!

This event is possible through the generous and friendly support ofSwisslos
Stadt Zürich/Kultur

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23.2.2020 KLAPPFON

Pl^~te -, HJM

Pl^~te –
Flavio Bagnasco & Léa Roger, Electroacoustic Noise, Feedbacks,


Abstract Electronica, Glitch,


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22.2.2020 RADIAL

Gyre Ensemble at Radial!

RADIAL hosts Gyre Ensemble for a residency and in WURM!

We are looking forward to this event. If you are curious here’s what the trio has to say about this next show!

”This program reflects a crossroads for the group. We started something in 2015, with the goal to expand the music available for this instrumentation, Accordion/Percussion/Saxophone. Now, there are at least one or two other group with the same or similar arrangement, and they have either performed some of the same works that came from our initiatives or gone on to create more work with musicians from around the world. This makes us very pleased and satisfied. We have achieved what we set out to do, but where do we go from here?
This evening attempts to answer that – while performing two pieces already written for us, we also chose music by three composers that while we may never meet in collaboration have deep relevance and meaning to each of us. ”

On the program:
Nadir Vassena – Von den Rosen
Wojtek Blecharz – Smalltalk
Esaias Järnegard – Kuarup B
Ruud Roelofsen – Darkness Dissected
Jürg Frey – More or Less Normal

Christian Smith – percussion
Alejandro Oliván López – saxophones
Stefanie Mirwald – accordion

Tickets: from 10chf on / MAB students 5chf
Doors Open 20.30h / Concert 21h

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14.2.2020 KlangBang

KlangBang #35

duo Marianne Schuppe – Stefi Erni
duo Lanz & Kocher’s Abstract Musette

12.2.2020 KLAPPFON

Sourdurent, Don't DJ

Central Occitan Traditional and More Drone / Rhythm Project.

Ernest Bergez : Violin, Voice, Electronics
Jacques Puech : Cabrette, Voicecabrette, voix, podorythmie
Elisa Trebouville : Banjo, Voice, Flute
Loup Uberto : Lute, Voice, Tambourine


Berceuse Heroique, Honest Jons, Polymorphism, Sexes


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5.2.2020 KLAPPFON

Tarab, Yvan Etienne, Uncoppen Saw


Concrete Sounds, Sonicrubbish, Psyogeographical Composition



Drone, Sitespecific Sound Explorations



Drone, Noise

MATHIEU SYLVESTRE: Noise Guitar, NIKUNJA: dilruba,


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26.1.2020 Kino


25.1.2020 RADIAL

reConvert / Kaj Duncan David

Cathy van Eck_ Groene Ruis (2007)
Kaj Duncan David_ Lecture about myself (2019)
Katharina Rosenberger_ The Line (2007)
reConvert: Roberto Maqueda_ Lorenzo Colombo

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19.1.2020 Kino


16.1.2020 KlangBang

Nina Garcia & Maria Bertel & KlangBang Duos

Nina Garcia & Maria Bertel
Amplified Guitar & Trombone Noise Duo

Alfred Zimmerlin – Marina Tantanozi
Harald Kimmig – Dimos Vryzas

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13.1.2020 KLAPPFON

Sea Urchin (Bokeh Version)

Bokeh Version |
Leila Hassan: Voice, Electronics
Francesco Cavaliere: Electronics

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12.1.2020 Kino


5.1.2020 Kino

Fahrenheit 451

13.12.2019 KLAPPFON


2M2: Electroacoustic, Harsh Noise | Maxime Hänsenberger: Drums Mei Zhiyong: Machines | LLAMA
OLO: Drone, Fullblast, Noise | Loïc Grobéty: DIY Bass w/ Piano Strings + FXs Didier Séverin: Modular Synthesizer

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7.12.2019 KLAPPFON

10 Years Three:Four: Manuel Troller, Gaetan Seguin, Eric Cheneux

6.12.2019 KLAPPFON

TAL Trio, kNN, Duncan Harrison

28.11.2019 RADIAL

Y-band presents: arrangements

Cat in glove (2011), Kajsa Magnarsson (1985)
for ensemble and live-electronics

ATD V* (2010), Sam Pluta (1979)
for ensemble and live-electronics

Claquers* (2018), Andreas Eduardo Frank (1987)
for ensemble and live-electronics

Avant Muzak (2010), Matthew Shlomowitz (1975)
for ensemble and electronics

Bureau du Sol (2011), Alexander Schubert (1979)
for drumkit, saxfophone, keyboard, e-guitar and timecode-vinyl

Y-BAND is:
Roberto Maqueda, percussion & concept
Andreas Eduardo Frank, live-electronics
Felix Nagl, keyboard
Thilo Ruck, e-guitar
Joan Jordi Oliver, saxophones

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22.11.2019 KLAPPFON


Passenger of Shit (AUS)

Jessy James
Lucifer Records | Cyber-Klinik | CHaos..Worldwide mix series Ltd.

DJ Lord
Elektron Libre | No New Style!!! Records


Digital Mayhem | Breakcore

Acid Waterfalls


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15.11.2019 KLAPPFON

Chinstroke Records

CHASE COLEY (Sound Artist)
Experimental Luthier | Spiritual Guru | Descendant of Armitage Shanks

Chinstroke Records Co-Founder | “Content Creator” | Budots Fan

Chinstroke Records Co-Founder | Internet Personality | RIP Flutedrop

One off spoken word performance

Wonky Rave Merchant | Mysterious Soundcloud User | Z¸¸rick is massive

Chinstroke Records’ Squid mascot | Lives in the sea | SQUIDS

Local Safety Organisation | “Comedy” | Banging donkmals.erg

Break | Core | Legend

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10.11.2019 RADIAL

Ensemble Vortex + Ensemble of Nomads

Fernando Garnero – Fabula for double bass, bass clarinet and electronic (2015)

Daniel Zea – The Love Letters? for two faces, two computers using face recognition algorithms, electronics and video (2018)

Emilio Guim – Spark for piano, e-guitar, percussion, violin, electronic and video (2018)

Arturo Corrales – Riff for violin, viola, cello, e-guitar, bass clarinet, double bass and sampler (2017)

Ensemble VORTEX
Benoît Morel / Viola
Aurélien Ferrette / Cello
Jocelyne Rudasigwa / Double Bass
Anne Gillot / Bass Clarinet, Performer
Mauricio Carrasco / Performer
Arturo Corrales & Daniel Zea / sound design

Ensemble of NOMADS
Talvi Hunt / Piano+Sampler
HannaH Walter / Violin
Emilio Guim / E-guitar
João Carlos Pacheco / Percussion

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7.11.2019 KlangBang

KlangBang #32

solo Heike Fiedler, voice & electronics
duo Rodolphe Loubatière, snare drum – Frantz Loriot, viola

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31.10.2019 NOW THIS


Now this with Juan Awile, Selina Buess, Till Langschied, Jan van Oordt, Jodok Wehrli

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26.10.2019 RADIAL

Ironlung: Andreas E. Frank & Richard Haynes

Richard Haynes (Kontrabass Klarinette)
Andreas Eduardo Frank (Elektronik/Performance)

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25.10.2019 KLAPPFON

Eiko Ishibashi, Joe Talia, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto

Electronic Sound Exploration | Key Drum | Sing Song

Electro Acoustic Improvisation | Extraordinary Drummer

Experimentation | Solo Drum

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22.10.2019 KLAPPFON

Tidoni, Strotter Inst. & Peter Vukmirovic O.D Placido & Welch

Davide Tidoni

Strotter Inst. & Peter Vukmirovic Stevens
Strotter Inst. (prepared turntables) & Peter Vukmirovic Stevens (piano)

Olivier Di Placido & Fritz Welch
(electric guitar + percussion, objects and voice)

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